Industrial Challenges and Emerging Research Toward Low-Energy Water Treatment

Thursday March 14, 2024 8:45am to 10:00am
Room 2000, Roy and Diana Vagelos Laboratories of the of the Institute for Advanced Science and Technology
3340 Smith Walk
Philadelphia , PA 19104

The global energy demand for water treatment is growing and, with it, an emerging need to treat and reuse water sources. This increasing demand is being driven by quickly developing populations, the expansion of water utilities to new communities, the growth of industries that rely on clean water, and the consequences of pollution complicating the treatment of water sources. This event will feature speakers who can provide a global perspective on our water systems. As well, Penn faculty will present research working toward new low-energy methods for water purification and separations.

This is an invitation only event. If you are a part of the Penn community and are interested in attending, please email Emma Denison (emmade@sas.upenn.edu)